How to solve problems on the "lower floor"
The exact causes of this, as, indeed, of any other cancer, are not fully understood. But one thing is clear: colon and rectal cancer is a disease of civilization. In…

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Rules for preparing for gastroscopy and ultrasound
Are you planning a digestive exam? The exact diagnosis often depends on the correct behavior of the patient. We'll have to starve for eight or even ten hours. For some,…

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"Diagnosis in oncology should predict the disease before it manifests itself"
Molecular diagnostic methods are developing with revolutionary leaps and in the next ten years, familiar views on the principles and approaches in the diagnosis of tumor diseases can radically change.…

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problem situation

Headache: the varieties, like the treatment methods, are endless

– Headache is one of the most common causes of patients seeking neurological care. According to the international classification of headaches, primary forms of GB are distinguished, that is, migraine, tension GB, trigeminal vegetative cephalalgia, other rare forms of primary GB – primary cough GB, hypnetic GB and others; and secondary forms of this disorder. Their causes can be injuries, vascular lesions, tumors, the use of various substances, infectious diseases. Despite the fact that in the vast majority of patients, GB is benign, the attention of a neurologist is primarily aimed at eliminating GB associated with potentially dangerous conditions. A thorough collection of complaints and medical history, as well as data from a neurological examination, are sufficient diagnostic methods in most cases. Additional diagnostic methods are required only in cases where there are alarming symptoms, the so-called “danger signals”, or changes in neurological status. These signals are described by a system of so-called “red and yellow flags”.

– Please explain what it is?

– The system of “red flags” is a complex of symptoms that makes one doubt the benign or primary nature of the pain and their presence requires further examination of the patient. A very common “red flag” or symptom of danger in hypertension is a head or neck injury. Continue reading

Why should a healthy person take tests

Most of us, finding ourselves with a doctor with some kind of ailment, are annoyed when he, instead of prescribing pills right away, forces us to take tests and do all kinds of tests. And this is a waste of extra time, money and effort, and if you remember the queues in clinics, then nerves. In fact, why are we doing so many tests?

Elena Kuzina, a general practitioner, agreed to answer several popular reading questions.

Are there universal laboratory research methods that can detect any disease?

Each study is carried out with a specific purpose and has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, for example, x-rays and ultrasounds are able to identify anatomical pathology in humans (in the bone system, internal organs). But at the same time, functional disorders remain “behind the scenes”.

A biochemical blood test gives an idea of ​​the work of the liver, kidneys, endocrine glands, metabolic state, but is silent about infections. To identify them, serological blood tests or methods for detecting pathogens in tissues are needed. Continue reading

How can hair talk about health problems?

Hair is an indicator of the state of our health, thanks to which you can track the harmful processes within the body in time. Earlier, we introduced you to the first part of the diseases that hair tells us about. In the current article, we will continue the selection and discover new symptoms of ailments.

1. Thin and brittle hair

A common problem for any woman. These two factors may indicate malnutrition and lack of protein. Protein performs a number of life-important processes that other elements cannot take upon themselves. Simply put, protein is a kind of brick in the construction of the body. When a significant deficiency of this component is observed in the body, the skin, nail strength and hair strength are seriously affected. To make up for the lack of protein, you need to start eating more fruits, as well as drink a course of omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition to this ailment, there is a more serious factor, due to which the hair becomes brittle. For example, such a symptom refers to Itsenko-Cushing’s disease. But here it should be remembered that others join the above symptom: insomnia, high blood pressure and constant back pain. Continue reading

What will tell the most popular analysis.
Urinalysis is one of the most common research methods. From time to time, we all have to take it. And get scared when the doctor suddenly demands to "retake" him.…


Fatigue season: why spring is not enough strength
Surprisingly, the fact is that with the advent of spring, many people begin to experience inexplicable fatigue. It would seem that the long-awaited heat and the sun should help increase…


How much does prostate cancer cost?
The costs of treating cancer usually exceed insurance coverage ... So: the economic burden of prostate cancer alone in Russia amounted to 3.7 billion rubles a year. These and other…


What causes cancer: myths and reality
Over the past few decades, the culprits of cancer have been prescribed a variety of things: bras, and mouthwash, and a number of different products. Not all of these things…