How do we harm our immunity

Why an elbow hurts, or The whole truth about myositis
Myositis is a disease of office workers and middle-aged women. This condition is familiar to many: aching pain suddenly appears in the muscles, it is rapidly growing and now any…

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Heart failure: target women
According to experts, only in developed European countries, about 28 million people suffer from heart failure. Every fourth heart failure patient in Russia is under 60 years old. The survival…

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How to solve problems on the "lower floor"
The exact causes of this, as, indeed, of any other cancer, are not fully understood. But one thing is clear: colon and rectal cancer is a disease of civilization. In…

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Eternal dispute – sugar or honey?

Known sweeteners are honey and sugar. They are compared, determining which product is better. Sweet additives have common characteristics and are significantly different. What is more useful: honey or sugar? Each product has advantages and disadvantages. Let us examine what is common and different between them.

Honey and sugar are carbohydrates. Both have two sugars in their composition – glucose and fructose. The difference is in quantity. Honey contains 40% fructose and 30% glucose. In sugar – 50% fructose and glucose.

Glycemic index. This is a relative measure of the effect of carbohydrates in foods on changes in blood glucose. In sugar, it is higher, so its level rises faster when consumed. This is explained by a large amount of fructose content and the absence of trace elements. After consuming sugar, a sharp energy jump occurs. It is accompanied by a breakdown, causes fatigue, headache and reduces concentration.

Calorie content. In this indicator, honey is superior to sugar. It is more high-calorie: one tablespoon – 64 calories. There are 49 of them in sugar. But each of the sweeteners should be consumed in moderation to avoid weight gain, to prevent the development of chronic diseases and dental problems. Continue reading

Fatigue season: why spring is not enough strength

Surprisingly, the fact is that with the advent of spring, many people begin to experience inexplicable fatigue. It would seem that the long-awaited heat and the sun should help increase activity, but in fact it often happens the other way around – it is spring that becomes a provoking factor for loss of strength or asthenic syndrome.

Asthenia, or asthenic syndrome, is a painful condition characterized by general weakness, increased nervous excitability, mood swings, and severe fatigue even when doing the usual work. The diagnosis of asthenia is established by a combination of symptoms, but the main criterion is that fatigue does not go away after rest.

Why does asthenia occur?
Given the modern exhausting rhythm of life, we can recognize that no one is safe from asthenia. Excessive stress at work, nervous strain, improperly organized work and rest, are just some of the reasons for the development of asthenic syndrome. In the spring, asthenia is more common, firstly, due to the lack of vitamins accumulating over the winter, and secondly, due to frequent seasonal colds, which drag a plume of post-infection weakness. In addition, the change of seasons is to some extent a stress for the body, to which it also reacts with a breakdown. Continue reading

Useful tips: what to do in order not to get sick?

Autumn is the time of mass diseases (flu, colds). I think everyone wondered: what would be done so as not to get sick? But before answering this question, it’s worth understanding why we are generally ill.

There are at least five causes of diseases in modern man. First of all, this is stress. According to average statistics, the largest number of sick leave is issued on Monday – the most stressful day of the week, and the smallest – on Friday. Indeed, stress is a direct way to weaken human immunity. Constant stress during the day, which is also associated with a change in the light regime in the fall (late dawn, early sunset), leads to the vulnerability of the body’s protective organs.

The second reason is our subconscious. Admit it, it is often so annoying to get up early every morning, rush through traffic jams to work, load yourself with a lot of things. The self-hypnosis mode is turned on, subconsciously we want to get sick, find a way to change the difficult daily routine. We randomly get caught in the wind, in cold rooms with powerful air conditioners, get wet, and then get sick. Continue reading

Pros and cons of alternative medicine

Alternative medicine can help with a mass of various diseases, but before you make a choice in its direction, you need to familiarize yourself with all its advantages and disadvantages. Although alternative medicine is aimed at improving not only physical, but also emotional and mental state, its methods still raise some questions that remain unanswered.

The basic principle that underlies many alternative medicine methods is balance. Acupuncture, tai chi gymnastics, as well as various tonic exercises are aimed at bringing the body into balance, which, in theory, helps to restore health. This principle should be borne in mind in the first place, choosing a method of treatment for himself.

What are the benefits of alternative medicine? Firstly, it is a comprehensive recovery. Traditional medicine considers the disease as an independent “subject”, nested in the human body. The trend towards specialization in medicine led not only to the development of successful treatment regimens, but also distanced doctors from the “healthy” organs of their patients. The main difference between alternative medicine is that it implies comprehensive body care. The gurus of alternative medicine do not separate the physical health of the patient from the emotional and spiritual. A holistic approach to health is the reason why alternative medicine is experiencing its rise. Continue reading

Alternative medicine: how fools are made of us

In the era of the development of the Internet, you can “google” any disease: you enter the symptoms, and the search engine gives you a list of medical sites, videos, or, at worst, forums. In the latter, you can not only diagnose yourself, but also “prescribe” the treatment, as there are plenty of volunteers who will describe in detail what tablets they took, what tests they gave, and if you are lucky, you can also find out about the personal treatment method, which forum users themselves came up with.

It’s okay if such tips concern non-serious topics, for example, how to increase immunity or strengthen hair using folk methods, but more often people want to recover from more serious illnesses by resorting to alternative medicine.

Non-standard or alternative methods of medicine usually include dietary supplements, herbs, special diets, homeopathic remedies, energy effects or magic, that is, everything that is not recognized by either medical or scientific communities. Such methods cannot be approved by regulatory authorities, as they are not confirmed by clinical studies. Continue reading

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