How do we harm our immunity

Pros and cons of alternative medicine
Alternative medicine can help with a mass of various diseases, but before you make a choice in its direction, you need to familiarize yourself with all its advantages and disadvantages.…

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"The causes of hepatitis infection are drug trafficking of the 90s.
According to statistics, every 12th inhabitant of the planet is a carrier of the hepatitis virus. There are more than 500 million of them in the world, which is 12…

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"Diagnosis in oncology should predict the disease before it manifests itself"
Molecular diagnostic methods are developing with revolutionary leaps and in the next ten years, familiar views on the principles and approaches in the diagnosis of tumor diseases can radically change.…

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What causes cancer: myths and reality

Over the past few decades, the culprits of cancer have been prescribed a variety of things: bras, and mouthwash, and a number of different products. Not all of these things are simple horror stories. Moreover, new suspects are added to the list. Here are the myths surrounding our usual things, and their confirmation or debunking.

Artificial Sweeteners

Myth: Weight zealots celebrated victory in the 1950s when diet soda drinks went on sale. However, laboratory tests soon showed that the cyclamate sweetener causes bladder cancer in rats and was replaced with saccharin. It turned out to be no better – saccharin also provoked the development of cancerous tumors. Despite the fact that saccharin did not fall under the ban, the products in which it is contained must have a corresponding mark on the package. Continue reading

Appendicitis: is surgery always necessary?

Appendicitis: is surgery always necessary? 8851.png
The word “appendicitis” we hear quite often. In childhood, parents and teachers tell us about him, doctors check us for his presence or absence. And at times, one of the acquaintances goes to the hospital – “cut the appendicitis.” And then it may turn out that the doctors made a mistake with the diagnosis. One gets the impression that appendicitis is not dangerous …

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Blood for analysis. We rent out correctly!

We donate blood for analysis correctly. 9022.jpeg
Just think, what is the importance – to donate blood correctly! But still, there are some subtleties in this matter. Before donating blood for analysis, it is necessary to learn a number of rules, without which an accurate result is impossible. So how do you do it right? Readers of MedPulse are advised by laboratory diagnostics doctor Alla Snegireva.

Why from a vein?

To take blood from a finger, of course, is not so scary and not so painful. But most often venous blood is taken for laboratory research. The exception is a narrow range of clinical tests, for example, a general blood test. If you need to conduct a biochemical study or determine the level of hormones, then you will need at least 2 ml of blood, and such an amount can be collected only from a vein. Finger blood sampling is sometimes allowed for general analysis in children. Continue reading

Fibromyalgia, or where does this pain come from? ..

The main symptom of fibromyalgia is spilled muscle pain that lasts more than three months. Experts put forward several theories about the possible causes of its occurrence. Guzel Tabeeva, professor of the First Sechenov Moscow State Medical University, answers the questions about what this disease is and how it can be fought against MedPulse readers.

– Guzel Rafkatovna, tell us more about this disease, who is most exposed to it? What is fibromyalgia?

– Little is written about this disease, there is not much information, despite the huge number of patients, therefore there are myths in this regard. One of the most common myths is that fibromyalgia is a new, previously unknown disease. It is not true. Fibromyalgia has existed for about 200-300 thousand years before other diseases existed. The second myth is that the number of cases of the disease has been growing recently. Continue reading

Rules for preparing for gastroscopy and ultrasound

Are you planning a digestive exam? The exact diagnosis often depends on the correct behavior of the patient. We’ll have to starve for eight or even ten hours. For some, such limitations are a great test. The essence of the methods of gastroscopy and ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and the rules for preparing for them are told by endoscopist Maxim Punutyan.

Do not eat 8-10 hours

During gastroscopy, the doctor examines the upper sections of the gastrointestinal tract: the esophagus, stomach and duodenum using a special device – an endoscope. It is a long thin flexible tube with a diameter of about 2 cm with a lens at the end. The image is transmitted through a special fiber to the eyepiece into which the doctor is looking. In order for the gastroscopy procedure to proceed correctly, the following recommendations must be observed. 2-3 days before the study, it is necessary to abandon the use of spicy dishes and strong alcoholic drinks. It is very important that the patient should not eat or drink for 8-10 hours before gastroscopy. Continue reading

Bad lover will give out ,,, gums
It turns out that the reasons for male failures "on the love field" may be such "third-party" factors, which it seems to be simply impossible to guess. For example, inflammation…


"The causes of hepatitis infection are drug trafficking of the 90s.
According to statistics, every 12th inhabitant of the planet is a carrier of the hepatitis virus. There are more than 500 million of them in the world, which is 12…


What will tell the most popular analysis.
Urinalysis is one of the most common research methods. From time to time, we all have to take it. And get scared when the doctor suddenly demands to "retake" him.…


What can our blood tell
Each of us at least once in his life donated blood for analysis and received a piece of paper on his hands with letters, numbers and units of measure. Then…