How do we harm our immunity

Useful tips: what to do in order not to get sick?
Autumn is the time of mass diseases (flu, colds). I think everyone wondered: what would be done so as not to get sick? But before answering this question, it’s worth…

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Rules for preparing for gastroscopy and ultrasound
Are you planning a digestive exam? The exact diagnosis often depends on the correct behavior of the patient. We'll have to starve for eight or even ten hours. For some,…

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Are you, by any chance, not a cyberchondrick?
Soon we will ask each other such questions. Remember, as in a well-known literary work: I read the medical encyclopedia and found all diseases except for fever. Now everything is…

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Year 2013: is tuberculosis curable?

Can tuberculosis be cured in the second decade of the 21st century? What is the most common infection today? Is the prevalence of this disease increasing or decreasing? These and other questions for MedPulse are answered by TB doctor Leonid Potapov

– How is a modern Russian most often infected with tuberculosis?

– In the vast majority of cases, tuberculosis infection occurs in childhood. That is why already in the maternity hospital, on the 4-7th day after birth, infants are vaccinated against this disease. It is believed that they provide protection against tuberculosis for about seven years, so re-vaccinations are given to children at 6-7, and then at 14-15 years old.

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Cancer Prevention: Check Your Genes

Many learned about mutation tests in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes after the statement of Angelina Jolie, who made a mastectomy. However, such a radical solution to the problem is not for everyone. There are more gentle ways to prevent cancer. Which ones exactly?

Eliminate Cancer Threat

The BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are anti-oncogenes, or tumor suppressors. Their role in the body is to control the growth of cells in the mammary gland. However, if there are mutations in these genes, then they may not be able to cope with the protective function. Thus, the risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer is significantly increased. The same Angelina Jolie had a breast cancer risk of 87%, after which she decided to get rid of her breast as a source of danger. Continue reading

How to teach a lazy esophagus to work

Like a lump in the throat – it’s about food. Why it suddenly becomes difficult to swallow, you have to keep a glass of water at the ready while eating and constantly drink food. And then there’s burping, nausea, burning and bad breath. All these are symptoms of achalasia – changes in the motor activity of the esophagus. What to do, how to avoid and how to deal with this scourge?

Food rots and lingers

The esophagus, the cylindrical tube that connects the pharynx to the stomach, has a very important mission: to move food into the stomach through successive muscle contractions. And he does it pretty well: dense food reaches its destination in 6-8 seconds, liquid food in 2-3. But in patients with achalasia, muscle contractions weaken sharply. Continue reading

Are you, by any chance, not a cyberchondrick?

Soon we will ask each other such questions. Remember, as in a well-known literary work: I read the medical encyclopedia and found all diseases except for fever. Now everything is much more serious. Encyclopedias have given way to the Internet. And it began! … The availability of medical information is growing into real epidemics of various diseases.

Cyberchondria is a disease from medical information. According to American scientists, the availability of medical information online has led to an increase in the incidence of cyberchondria in the world – a disorder consisting in the desire to make an independent diagnosis based on the symptoms of diseases described on the Internet sites. The results of a study of people’s reactions to medical information on the Internet are provided in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking. In fact, this is the same overdiagnosis. Continue reading

Scientists have solved the riddle of the syndrome of “alien body”

“My hand does not belong to me!” – This is not a quote from the thriller, but a description of one of the symptoms of the mysterious Cotard syndrome. People suffering from it are often convinced that they lack some parts of the body, or that they are generally … dead! Recently, Swedish researchers found that the culprit of a nightmare could be a seemingly innocuous remedy for herpes …

Kotar syndrome – the so-called official name for this ailment – according to doctors, is one of the varieties of depression. It is found quite rarely – at the same time all over the world it affects no more than several hundred people. The first such case was recorded in 1880 by the French neurologist Jules Cotard, in whose honor the disease subsequently got its name. Continue reading

Bad lover will give out ,,, gums
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"Deadly" patterns
Why do people die most often? Is it possible to predict in advance when a person will die? In order to answer these questions, there is no need at all…


Why do our joints creak
The condition when the mobility of the joints is limited: they bend with difficulty and pain, is called contracture. This violation is characteristic of many ailments. What if this happened?…


Signs that you have thyroid problems
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