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Cough – wet or dry? How to treat a cough in a child

There are several types of bronchitis. And they need to be treated in different ways. First, determine which cough annoys you, and, guided by the advice of Leonid Muskorenko, select the necessary procedures and drugs. In half the cases, bronchitis is the result of a “simple” runny nose. We have exactly one day in stock to cope with the causative agents of infection.

How to treat dry cough with folk remedies

Rinse your nose with sea water, use vasoconstrictor drops, apply herbal medicine. Otherwise, the infection will go down and a dry cough will appear. Missed the moment and coughed – we need more serious therapy.

Urgent measures: quickly transfer a dry cough to a wet, productive one.

– Start with herbal medicine. Effective decoctions of coltsfoot, ledum, elecampane, anise and thyme extracts. And do not forget about an effective folk remedy – black radish juice with honey (1 tsp. 3-4 times a day).

– Prepare a drink a mixture of milk, mineral water – preferably Borjomi (2: 1), add 1 tsp. butter and 1 tsp. honey. It soothes the throat and reduces mucosal irritation. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of dry cough treatment does not depend on the amount drunk, but on the frequency of administration – 1-2 tbsp. l each hour.

– Do steam inhalation with a solution of baking soda or alkaline mineral water. Make sure that the temperature of the water during inhalation does not exceed 40 C. You can use a nebulizer.

– Humidify the air in the apartment – this helps to thin the mucus, facilitates the process of coughing.

– There was weakness, malaise, shortness of breath, high fever, but the cough does not subside? Call a doctor!

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How to treat wet cough with folk remedies

If you could stop the cough in the dry stage, fine. Otherwise, after some time a wet cough will begin, it is also called productive. Now the main task is to facilitate the discharge of sputum. Otherwise, the case may result in pneumonia.

Urgent measures: cleanse the lungs from sputum.

– As with dry cough, use herbal medicine. From medicinal herbs for the treatment of wet cough at home, oregano, thyme, plantain, licorice, linden flowers, pine buds, marshmallows, thermopsis are useful – they all have an expectorant effect and help sputum leave the bronchi more quickly.

– Soar your legs, smear your breasts with warming ointment and put mustard plasters, but only if there is no allergy to mustard powder. Do not forget about a light massage of the chest and back – it helps sputum discharge. But all these measures are permissible under one condition – if the body temperature is normal!

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– Do inhalations with essential oils of anise, spruce, hyssop, cypress, mint, marjoram, fir, rosemary, pine, thyme, fennel, thyme, sage, eucalyptus. Breathe over the potatoes. Procedures enhance the expectorant effect.

– Drink warm tea with lemon, honey and ginger or milk with honey – drinks dilute sputum and promotes its rapid passage.

Do not become a chronicle

Treatment of bronchitis should be comprehensive and until complete recovery. Untreated bronchitis becomes chronic and then coughing becomes a constant companion. Organic changes in the bronchi appear, capturing the deeper layers of the bronchial wall. Shortness of breath occurs, wheezing in the chest appears, which is heard by others. In this case, antibiotics and special inhalers with anti-inflammatory effects cannot be dispensed with.


After suffering bronchitis, it is necessary to restore the normal functioning of the bronchi. Fitness, walks in the fresh air accelerate the purification of the bronchi and restore respiratory function. Pay attention to your diet. Fresh fruits, oily fish, lean meat, pumpkin seeds, ginger, red pepper, cloves are useful. Alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited. After the final recovery, it is advisable to check the condition of the bronchi with the help of express diagnostics – spirometry and obtain an opinion from a specialist.

With good immunity and the absence of complications, bronchitis can be treated with folk remedies. But if the condition does not improve within 3-4 days, you need to see a doctor.

The right cough medicine

Do not take cough medication without the recommendation of a specialist, because some drugs help thin the sputum, while others suppress the cough reflex.

Antitussive. They are used for dry cough. Suppress cough, reducing the excitability of the cough center.

Features of the reception. It can not be taken with a wet cough, as well as combined with drugs that help thin the sputum.

Mucolytics. Liquefy sputum, have a mild anti-inflammatory effect.

Features of the reception. Some drugs in this group are incompatible with alkaline solutions, with drugs containing codeine, with anticholinergics (drugs for the treatment of bronchial asthma).

Expectorant. Reduce the viscosity of sputum and facilitate its discharge.

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