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Parasites: easy to catch, easy to drive away

Do not fry the barbecue. Sushi made from stale fish was served in a cafe. Swam in the pool with a dubious reputation. The kids kissed the country cats and squeezed the neighboring dogs, and adults, out of kindness of soul, let the stray animals into the house … And now the whole family is infected with worms. How to guess about this danger? And how to be treated?

And there’s an ethical moment – you won’t even tell your friends that you have worms … I’m ashamed somehow. But you can take precautions, and even know where the parasites live, where their “homeland” is, too. Forewarned is forearmed! So…

Where do you risk most?

Everyone knows that coal meat must be fried until it is pink on the cut. But with the fish are not so careful. Very often, lovers of sitting with a fishing rod lightly bake just caught fish on the fire. But many inhabitants of fresh water reservoirs are infected with worms, and if the fish is not enough to boil, fry or salt, you can become infected with a wide ribbon or liver flukes.

In some regions of Russia, cancers are also infected – with the helminth of paragonimus. It parasitizes in the lungs of humans, dogs, and cats. Crayfish are rarely boiled for a long time, they believe that since they turned red, then they are ready. Take your time: add another 5 minutes, then the larvae will have time to die.

And it’s completely not worth salt the river and lake fish. In burbot, pike, diphyllobotrium latum larvae are often found. Once settled in the body, a tapeworm has been torturing a person for years: bloating and abdominal pain, nausea. In addition, the parasite likes vitamin B12, which leads to a deficiency in the human body. Pike caviar is especially dangerous.

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Another river catch is not harmless – a piece, a roach, a rudd. From poorly prepared fish, you run the risk of becoming ill with opisthorchiasis or clonorchiasis.

For the same reason, do not buy roach from your hands. Both ailments proceed in the same way: temperature rises, the liver and spleen increase, the sclera of the eyes turn yellow, the number of leukocytes in the blood grows. If the disease is not recognized and not treated by worms, it will go into the chronic stage: a flat worm can live in the ducts of the liver and pancreas for life, causing inflammatory diseases over the years.

Sushi lovers are also at risk: from raw cod, pollock, sockeye salmon or herring, you can treat yourself to the larvae of a cod or herring worm – anisakides. In the body, the larva develops into a round worm: penetrating into the mucous membrane of the digestive tract, it causes inflammation, swelling, abdominal pain, and bowel obstruction may develop. Often a person infected with a worm is operated on and only then the cause of the torment is discovered.

Difillobotrium larvae are found even in popular salmon fish.

How to suspect?

First of all, how to guess that you need to be tested for parasites. A number of symptoms indicate this. Since parasites secrete toxins, they poison the body and cause general malaise.

You feel tired all the time; then there is no appetite at all, then suddenly you are very hungry; you have pale skin: a lot of saliva is released at night; you feel discomfort in the abdomen, suffer from flatulence, often there are constipation or unstable stools; muscles and joints hurt; allergic reactions, attacks of bronchial asthma, an itchy rash on the skin; often sick, constantly annoyed, wake up between 2 and 3 in the morning? If you answered many questions positively, hurry up to the doctor.

How to determine?

Did you pass a stool test and get a response with the stamp “no worms were found”? Do not relax: this conclusion does not guarantee that there are no helminths. In 80% of cases, worms are not detected by standard research. Why are they hard to spot?

In order to catch the worms by analysis, it is precisely at this moment that they must lay their eggs, that is, the body must have sexually mature females (meanwhile, the larval period of different types of worms lasts from 1 to 6 months), and it also needs to be precisely that part of the test, where the eggs are.

It is better to conduct a serological diagnosis – its accuracy is higher, up to 60-95%, although the analysis (they take blood from a vein and determine antibodies to pathogens) is more expensive.

The most modern way is vegetative resonance testing (ART). Diagnostics is based on the fact that each parasite emits electromagnetic waves of a certain frequency, which the instruments fix.

How to be treated?

There are many traditional medicine against worms. So, wormwood and black walnut are detrimental to 100 species of developing adult parasites, cloves and ginger – to their eggs and larvae. Similar properties are characteristic for grapefruit, pumpkin seeds. But if these funds do not help, you will have to resort to “chemistry.”

There is a list of safe anthelmintic drugs approved by the World Health Organization and which can be used even for prevention. 4 drugs can be bought in Russian pharmacies.

The most effective are comprehensive antihelminthic courses, consisting of 2-3 drugs.

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