Fibromyalgia, or where does this pain come from? ..
The main symptom of fibromyalgia is spilled muscle pain that lasts more than three months. Experts put forward several theories about the possible causes of its occurrence. Guzel Tabeeva, professor…

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Fatigue season: why spring is not enough strength

Surprisingly, the fact is that with the advent of spring, many people begin to experience inexplicable fatigue. It would seem that the long-awaited heat and the sun should help increase activity, but in fact it often happens the other way around – it is spring that becomes a provoking factor for loss of strength or asthenic syndrome.

Asthenia, or asthenic syndrome, is a painful condition characterized by general weakness, increased nervous excitability, mood swings, and severe fatigue even when doing the usual work. The diagnosis of asthenia is established by a combination of symptoms, but the main criterion is that fatigue does not go away after rest.

Why does asthenia occur?
Given the modern exhausting rhythm of life, we can recognize that no one is safe from asthenia. Excessive stress at work, nervous strain, improperly organized work and rest, are just some of the reasons for the development of asthenic syndrome. In the spring, asthenia is more common, firstly, due to the lack of vitamins accumulating over the winter, and secondly, due to frequent seasonal colds, which drag a plume of post-infection weakness. In addition, the change of seasons is to some extent a stress for the body, to which it also reacts with a breakdown.

The causes of asthenia are well understood when classifying this condition. Doctors distinguish three main types of asthenic syndrome:

Reactive asthenia, that is, asthenia that occurs as a reaction to increased loads. This type of disease develops after prolonged physical or mental stress. Reactive asthenia affects office workers during the reporting period, students during exams, doctors or teachers who are overworked.
Secondary asthenia. The syndrome that occurs after a somatic illness. Secondary asthenia often accompanies liver disease, endocrine and neurological pathology. As already mentioned, general weakness, increased fatigue often occurs after acute respiratory viral infections and influenza.
Neurasthenia or functional asthenia is a severe weakness and fatigue that occurs for no apparent reason and lasts at least six months. Neurasthenia is also found in men and women, but women are more susceptible to it.
How to treat spring asthenia?
Given that asthenia may be the only sign of any latent disease, you should still start with a visit to the doctor, and already confirming the absence of somatic pathology, start treatment.

Traditionally, asthenia treatment begins with recommendations on lifestyle changes, restoring normal rest, and reducing stress. On the other hand, if a person had the opportunity to rest more and not to overload, asthenia would probably never have happened. So in most cases, you can not do without the appointment of drugs.

Given the versatile symptoms of asthenic syndrome (in addition to weakness and emotional changes, anxiety, distraction, sleep and memory problems, headaches can be noted), various groups of drugs are used for treatment. Most often these are vitamins, adaptogens, general tonic agents.

Recently, in the complex treatment of asthenic syndrome, drugs are increasingly used – neuroprotectors.

Fatigue season: why spring is not enough strength. 18152.jpeg
Neuroprotectors are a group of drugs that increase the brain’s resistance to excessive stress. These drugs help activate brain functions, improve memory, and stimulate mental activity.

For the treatment of asthenia, several basic neuroprotectors are used.

Gliatilin. Nootropic drug containing vitamin B4 – choline. Gliatilin is available in injectable solutions and in capsules. In this case, the capsule should be taken 3 times a day, which is not very convenient for people leading an active lifestyle. In addition, the course of administration is designed for a month, but in the package of the drug there are only 14 capsules, so for a full treatment you will need to visit the pharmacy several times.

Ceraxon. The active substance of this drug – citicoline, is an intermediate element in the synthesis of structural components of cell membranes. Citicoline has a wide spectrum of action – it helps to restore damaged cell membranes, prevents their death. In asthenia, citicoline is effective in the treatment of cognitive disorders, such as memory impairment, lack of initiative, difficulties in performing daily activities, and also increases the level of attention and consciousness.

Rekognan. Another modern neuroprotective drug with the active substance citicoline. Studies have shown that in addition to strengthening the membranes of neurons, citicoline helps increase the density of dopamine and acetylcholine receptors. In this regard, Rekognan is used not only as a means of treating various diseases, but also as a drug that improves cognitive functions and psychoemotional state.

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