How is Kalman syndrome diagnosed, or delayed puberty
Kalman syndrome (KS) is a rare genetic disease in humans. It is determined by the delay, the absence of signs of puberty in combination with the absence or violation of…

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Headache: the varieties, like the treatment methods, are endless
- Headache is one of the most common causes of patients seeking neurological care. According to the international classification of headaches, primary forms of GB are distinguished, that is, migraine,…

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Giants' problems, or "Uncle, get a little sparrow!"
The beauty of a man is usually associated with his article. With his height. None of the boys want to be a little finger boy. Everyone wants to be tall.…

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Eternal dispute – sugar or honey?

Known sweeteners are honey and sugar. They are compared, determining which product is better. Sweet additives have common characteristics and are significantly different. What is more useful: honey or sugar? Each product has advantages and disadvantages. Let us examine what is common and different between them.

Honey and sugar are carbohydrates. Both have two sugars in their composition – glucose and fructose. The difference is in quantity. Honey contains 40% fructose and 30% glucose. In sugar – 50% fructose and glucose.

Glycemic index. This is a relative measure of the effect of carbohydrates in foods on changes in blood glucose. In sugar, it is higher, so its level rises faster when consumed. This is explained by a large amount of fructose content and the absence of trace elements. After consuming sugar, a sharp energy jump occurs. It is accompanied by a breakdown, causes fatigue, headache and reduces concentration.

Calorie content. In this indicator, honey is superior to sugar. It is more high-calorie: one tablespoon – 64 calories. There are 49 of them in sugar. But each of the sweeteners should be consumed in moderation to avoid weight gain, to prevent the development of chronic diseases and dental problems.

Treatment. Honey is a natural product. It undergoes minimal processing. Raw honey remains edible and retains more enzymes and antioxidants than after pasteurization. Sugar is the product after processing. It is obtained from sugarcane or beets.

Assimilation. The digestive system absorbs honey more easily than sugar. This is due to the presence in its composition of enzymes that destroy sugar.

Price. Sugar is cheaper. Honey prices vary depending on the quality and composition of the product.

Storage. Both sweeteners have a long shelf life.

Norm. Recommendations on the amount of consumption of sweet foods. For women, no more than 100 sugar calories per day. For men, no more than 150 calories. For health and mood, it is enough to consume one tablespoon of honey per day.

Facts. You can get rid of granulated sugar in the diet without harm to health. Sugar is present in most foods, so it enters the body and fills it with the necessary energy. But the sugar that is added to coffee or tea every day becomes superfluous. If you limit its use in this form, monitor the amount eaten, it will not bring harm.

Scientists have established a relationship between sugar and Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers at the University of Bath claim that the risk of memory disease increases in people who have consumed a lot of sugar. The experience determined the exact relationship between blood sugar and degenerative disease. Excessive glucose slows down the normal rate of enzyme production, and it can prevent the development of the disease at the initial stage. The less sugar, the healthier the old age.

Sugar affects the condition of the skin. Excessive use of granulated sugar accelerates the appearance of wrinkles. Excess sugar remains in the collagen layer of the skin, reducing its elasticity. By reducing the dose of a white sweet substance, a person helps the skin, and it again becomes elastic.

Frequent words addressed to children about the harm of sugar for teeth are not empty. Sugar displaces the calcium needed by the body. Too much white matter worsens bone. If sugar consumption is not controlled throughout life, an excess of arthritis and arthrosis will become the cause of the appearance of arthritis in the elderly.

Scientists at the James Cook Institute called sugar a drug. They explained this by the fact that when sugar enters the body, into the center of the brain, which is responsible for pleasure, the hormone dopamine is released. A person experiences pleasant sensations and wants them to be repeated, which is addictive. The amount of sugar consumed should be controlled to avoid dependence.

There is hardly a person who is ready to easily eat 16 pieces of sugar at a time. At the same time, there are many fans of Coca-Cola, and 500 ml of a sweet drink consists of an amount of sugar equal to these 16 pieces. Slightly dissolved sugar enters the body and, not without harm to health, remains in the stomach.

There is no unequivocal opinion about the usefulness and harmfulness of sugar among scientists. Their opinions were divided. One part is inclined to argue about the ability of sugar to produce the hormone of happiness, that is, granulated sugar positively affects a person’s mood. Another group of scientists believes that a large amount of sugar negatively affects human health, worsening the functioning of the liver and pancreas.

The opposite effect on the body has honey. Facts confirm its significant superiority over sugar. The beneficial properties of the honey product have a positive effect on human health and prolong life. Hippocrates consumed honey daily, which is probably why he managed to live for almost a hundred years, although the average life expectancy at that time ranged from 40 to 50 years.

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