Signs that you have thyroid problems
The thyroid gland is an organ that we are not used to thinking about and worrying about its health. And by the way, the thyroid gland produces hormones that control…

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Fibromyalgia, or where does this pain come from? ..
The main symptom of fibromyalgia is spilled muscle pain that lasts more than three months. Experts put forward several theories about the possible causes of its occurrence. Guzel Tabeeva, professor…

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The main enemies of health are chickens, antibiotics and syphilis
According to doctors, in Russia there is no control over the use of antibiotics in agriculture. It's no secret that poultry is grown on antibiotics. Any chicken we eat is…

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To know about your sores will help … a mirror

My light, mirror, say it! Facial skin can tell everything about your health. If you started having problems – acne, dryness, redness, vascular starlets, then you should not think about buying an expensive product, but listen to your body and also visit a doctor.
Our face conditionally represents a certain card. That is, each part or zone is responsible for various internal organs, and they talk about what kind of ailment you may have.

So the forehead can help to learn about the work of a number of organs. In particular, the upper part will indicate intestinal problems. By the zone at the beginning of hair growth, one can judge how the bladder functions. Whiskey will also tell about his work. Redness or itching says that you need to check the gallbladder and spleen. Excessive slagging caused by stress and adverse external environment is possible.

In addition, concomitant symptoms may be, for example, frequent headaches, bags under the eyes, sweating, tired, brittle and hair loss.

How to cope? Drink more water, review your diet. In particular, exclude spicy, fatty and fried from your menu.

The bridge of the nose is responsible for the condition. Problems in this area, as well as weakness, heartburn, yellow complexion and eye proteins, suggests that you should go to the clinic and get tested. Experts strongly advise to reconsider a way of life. It is recommended to abandon bad habits, reduce the consumption of dairy and sour-milk products. Eat sweet, bitter and astringent. Useful vegetables, both raw and steamed.

Redness of the ears indicates kidney problems. So they work poorly and do not allow the body to completely get rid of toxins and toxins. Symptoms are often swelling around the eyes, frequent urination and constant thirst.

Note that impaired renal function in men can cause prostatitis, and subsequently prostate adenoma, and women have gynecological diseases (inflammation of the appendages, etc.).

Experts call for kidney diseases to remove fats, meat, eliminate alcohol, strong coffee from their diet. It would be nice to quit smoking. The body will benefit from vegetables, fruits, especially lemons.

Bags under the eyes indicate diseases of the urinary system, and can also indicate kidney failure, allergic reactions, and respiratory infections. You should sleep more, do not abuse salt and give up alcohol.

Redness and rash on the cheeks indicate lung problems. The right is responsible for the right lung, and the left for the left. Unhealthy red spots, broken capillaries, rashes can reflect lung diseases, as well as allergic reactions.

Concomitant symptoms: shortness of breath, coughing up blood and chest pain.

Recommendation: forget about cigarettes and pay attention to the environment.

As for the nose. Its various parts are responsible for different organs. So the red tip of the nose speaks of heart disease, redness and acne on the wings – it is worth checking the bronchi. A completely red nose is a sign of high blood pressure.

If you have rashes and redness on the chin, then this means that you need to check the condition of the oral cavity, teeth and gums. Unwanted hair can talk about problems with the hormonal system and problems and stagnations in the pelvic area.

Your lips reflect the condition of the reproductive system and intestines.

But acne on the neck can talk about a malfunction in the endocrine or digestive system. They may also indicate colds or infections.

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