What causes cancer: myths and reality
Over the past few decades, the culprits of cancer have been prescribed a variety of things: bras, and mouthwash, and a number of different products. Not all of these things…

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Why do our joints creak
The condition when the mobility of the joints is limited: they bend with difficulty and pain, is called contracture. This violation is characteristic of many ailments. What if this happened?…

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Bad lover will give out ,,, gums
It turns out that the reasons for male failures "on the love field" may be such "third-party" factors, which it seems to be simply impossible to guess. For example, inflammation…

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checking the bronchi

Blood for analysis. We rent out correctly!

We donate blood for analysis correctly. 9022.jpeg
Just think, what is the importance – to donate blood correctly! But still, there are some subtleties in this matter. Before donating blood for analysis, it is necessary to learn a number of rules, without which an accurate result is impossible. So how do you do it right? Readers of MedPulse are advised by laboratory diagnostics doctor Alla Snegireva.

Why from a vein?

To take blood from a finger, of course, is not so scary and not so painful. But most often venous blood is taken for laboratory research. The exception is a narrow range of clinical tests, for example, a general blood test. If you need to conduct a biochemical study or determine the level of hormones, then you will need at least 2 ml of blood, and such an amount can be collected only from a vein. Finger blood sampling is sometimes allowed for general analysis in children. Continue reading

The main enemies of health are chickens, antibiotics and syphilis

According to doctors, in Russia there is no control over the use of antibiotics in agriculture. It’s no secret that poultry is grown on antibiotics. Any chicken we eat is antibiotics. Moreover, chicken is grown on the same drugs that people then try to be treated for diseases. And they often try, unfortunately, without success.

At least some state control over antibiotics

“This year Russia for the first time joined the European Day for the Knowledge of Antibiotics,” stated Sergey Yakovlev, president of the All-Union Public Organization “Alliance of Clinical Chemotherapists and Microbiologists”. According to studies, the resistance (i.e. resistance) of pathogens to antibiotics in some regions of the Russian Federation reached 30 %. According to WHO recommendations, an antibiotic is not prescribed in those regions where resistance to it reaches 10%. At least some kind of state control is needed, ”Yakovlev believes.“ In the agricultural industry, the same antibiotics are used as in medicine, unfortunately. ” Continue reading

What will tell the most popular analysis.

Urinalysis is one of the most common research methods. From time to time, we all have to take it. And get scared when the doctor suddenly demands to “retake” him. During the study, doctors pay attention to physical characteristics, chemical composition and study the sediment under a microscope. What will the urinalysis tell about?

Of the parameters of the chemical composition, the most important in the general analysis of urine are the content of protein, glucose, nitrites, bilirubin, urobilinogen, ketone bodies, hemoglobin, as well as the determination of pH.

What will tell the most popular analysis. Video. Analysis of urine
Urine Reaction (pH)
For urine, a mild acid reaction is normal, but this figure can range from 4.5-8. A slightly alkaline reaction is normal for people whose diet contains a large amount of greenery, fresh fruit. But more often this picture is observed in patients after profuse vomiting, increased levels of potassium in the blood, hyperparathyroidism, prolonged use of diuretics. A decrease in pH may result from dehydration, diabetes mellitus, chronic renal failure, urolithiasis, or fever. Continue reading

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Blood for analysis. We rent out correctly!
We donate blood for analysis correctly. 9022.jpeg Just think, what is the importance - to donate blood correctly! But still, there are some subtleties in this matter. Before donating blood…


Everyone can get tuberculosis
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